Friday, January 23, 2009

To my unborn child..

-Salam..- Khas utk anakku yang belum lahir.... After 10 days of suspense, a few days of severe fatigue & loya-loya, baba said to ammi "lepas asar ni jomla kita pergi farmasi beli benda alah tu". Ammi was saying "nak tido...lagi..". Tapi lepas asar ammi kuatkan diri jugak untuk keluar. So off the 4 of us to the Amcal Pharmacy. inside the nice lady asked what ammi wanted, 1st ammi cover line dulu saying she wanted some soaps & shampoo, then after gotten what she wanted, ammi asked the nice lady where she can get the pregnancy test kit. Again the nice lady showed ammi where it was but she lingers on next to ammi. Ammi just hated those nice sales lady who stands next to & wait to see which brand/type u wants to buy, dalam hati ammi "hmm jgnlah sibuk kat sini, org taula nak beli ape" -maybe u heard that my dear after all u're inside ammi's tummy. The nice lady showed ammi a brand which cost +-aud10, hmm..ammi dgn tebal muka nya said "do u have a cheaper brand?" u see, ammi already felt she's pregnant, all the symptoms are visible, she just wants to comfirm it..she doesn't need an expensive brand, lgpun with ur 2 abangs ammi bougth the chepaest brand available & Alhamdulillah nampak gak result dia. ok jer..So the nice lady was like "oh ok here's a cheaper 1, the cheapest in fact" this one cost aud7.95, "ok, i'll take this one" ammi said. But b4 ammi was able to go to pay, the nice lady was promoting ammi to buy the pack with the two sticks just in case it didnt turn out right. Ammi was like "no thank u, this is fine". Who needs two sticks? membazir je, nanti nak buat ape, wat pekasam je.. Anyway, ammi then paid for the stick, shampoo & soaps. By that time ammi felt a bit dizzy & ur abang adik was buat perangai nak di dukung (all this while baba was uploading the car with all the groceries we bought earlier). so dukung la abang adik all the way to the car..then off to home sweet home. Baba asked ammi "bila nak wat test tu" ammi answered "mmg nak wiwi ni, wat terus la" -even though the directions said better use the morning urine, ammi dont care, dulu pun with ur abangs ammi wat test tu malam2.. Off to toilet la ammi, while baba & the boys angkat all the groceries into the kitchen. The direction wrote 'put the stick for 10 seconds into the urine then wait 2-5 miniutes for the result'. So ammi did what it was told, 1,2,3,......10 secs. all done. Tapi.., about 10 SECONDS later two lines appear, ammi nearly shouted yippe but she just maintained quiet.. Dengan muka selambe nye ammi keluar toilet holding the stick & the paper included in the box,& she said "ada dua line" when baba saw ammi's face, he just hugs ammi & said "ala xpe, ala cian syg..syg x sihat la kut tu, tak pe next year k" & then ammi dgn muka & suara lagi selambe said, "ada dua line ni, satu tu lighter sikit, cube tgk kertas ni", then baba baru faham rupenye dua lines means positive! after that lagi teruk la ammi got hugs & kisses from baba while he was jumping up & down happily in the middle of the kitchen. Ur abangs tetibe pun join in with the jumping up & down even though clueless of what is going on.. A while later, all 4 of us was sitting on the kitchen floor drinking juice & eating popcorn while abg yaya asked "nape kita lompat2 td?" & ur abg adik said "nak lompat2 lagi jom ramai", so we explained to ur abangs they're going to have u soon..abg yaya seem to u/stand lgpun dia dah dpt adik sorang. Ur abg adik just laugh out loud "nanti perut ammi besar, ammi tiup ek,mcm belon"-u see, b4 that baba said "nanti perut ammi akan besar.."..Hmm..adik,adik..


Ummu Layth said...

hahaahaha takleh bayang korang semua lompat2 macam tu. kartun!

ngade2 plak ek saleswoman kat pharmacy tu. saje nak suh kita belanja bnyk lagi

Sara Russly said...

Mmg mengada sales lady tu, kak sara masa melompat tu concious la lompat sikit jele,hehe dah ada bby dlm tummy sume nak berhati-hati..

Zura said...

beshnye pregnant ni kan..