Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry & Thank You

Dear Blog,

Sorry i have been neglecting/abandoning u..u know kan i'm not feeling well nowadays, sorry for not updating u for quite a while now, what with the heatwave & all, i just tak larat & tak kuasa nak duduk depan computer...I just feel like sleep & sleep & more sleep in front of the new 2ndhand portable aircond my hubby bougt at cash n converters a few days ago...

Kalo tak ada la aircond ni, menggelupur kami anak beranak, cooler & fans has no effect whatsoever! all they do is just pusing2 kan the hot air yg mcm dlm oven tu..Tp Alhmdulillah aircond ni soothing la sikit tu pun the boys sleep w/out baju, adik lagi best pakai pepes je..melenggeng..

Dear Abang,

Tq abang for helping me everyday..

* for assisting me in cooking, (i know u try very hard to try ur hand in cooking as u have no experience whatsoever in this field),

* for taking out the rubbish as i cant even smell the sampah anymore, yuk!!,

*for buying me bottles of the 'Berri Tropical Juice' as thats the only drink my perut boleh terima nowadays,yum yum!!,

* for basuh yak adik even though he rejected as i cant even look at his yak anymore, huhu..

* for being patient with me for all sort of reasons..I try not to be too much a pain in the neck for u..

* for being patient with the boys when diaorang nak mcm2, for instance when they want milo 5-6 times a day(seorang),& i know diaorg byk songeh, they want it freshly made everytime.Lagi2 skrg when its sooo hot.

* for taking care of the boys when i needed my rest,

* for still being ok even in this hot weather, i know s/times u feel tired ,hot & bothered, lack of sleep but ur still fine..

* for taking care of baby camelia when dia ngamuk2 & nak didukung (we babysit baby camelia for 4 days working hour while her mummy is off to work & her daddy went to his Lab at Uni & their new maid is scheduled to arrive this weekend

Sorry if i ever snap at u s/times, i hope u understand thats not me, its probably my unstable hormones.. Sabar ye abang..InsyaAllah this phase will go away soon..two weeks down, maybe another few weeks, best gak abang manja2 kan mcm ni..hehe.Ur the greatest hubby!love u soo much!!

Dear Boys,

Thank u boys for understanding ammi needs to rest at odd times of the day, thank u for not disturbing & let ammi sleep....

Sorry for not attending to ur needs when u guys want ammi do certain things for u guys.

Thank u for getting ammi her juice when she feels nak muntah or soo thirsty

Sorry if ammi tak layan sangat korang,

Thank u Yaya for tlng urut2 ammi even though ur hands are so small & x rasa ape sgt but its the thought that counts..

Sorry Yaya ammi x larat nak anta & amik yaya at school,ammi pening-pening & panas sgt skrg, nanti when ammi feels better I'Allah ammi akan pick & drop u at school.

Thank u adik coz x kacau2 ammi masa ammi tidur w/pun adik menyebuk nak tido celah ketiak ammi..

Sorry adik ammi x buat milo adik dah lama dah & x basuh yak adik, adik kena belajar basuh sendirila...

U guys are the best!! Love u guys...

Friday, January 23, 2009

To my unborn child..

-Salam..- Khas utk anakku yang belum lahir.... After 10 days of suspense, a few days of severe fatigue & loya-loya, baba said to ammi "lepas asar ni jomla kita pergi farmasi beli benda alah tu". Ammi was saying "nak tido...lagi..". Tapi lepas asar ammi kuatkan diri jugak untuk keluar. So off the 4 of us to the Amcal Pharmacy. inside the nice lady asked what ammi wanted, 1st ammi cover line dulu saying she wanted some soaps & shampoo, then after gotten what she wanted, ammi asked the nice lady where she can get the pregnancy test kit. Again the nice lady showed ammi where it was but she lingers on next to ammi. Ammi just hated those nice sales lady who stands next to & wait to see which brand/type u wants to buy, dalam hati ammi "hmm jgnlah sibuk kat sini, org taula nak beli ape" -maybe u heard that my dear after all u're inside ammi's tummy. The nice lady showed ammi a brand which cost +-aud10, hmm..ammi dgn tebal muka nya said "do u have a cheaper brand?" u see, ammi already felt she's pregnant, all the symptoms are visible, she just wants to comfirm it..she doesn't need an expensive brand, lgpun with ur 2 abangs ammi bougth the chepaest brand available & Alhamdulillah nampak gak result dia. ok jer..So the nice lady was like "oh ok here's a cheaper 1, the cheapest in fact" this one cost aud7.95, "ok, i'll take this one" ammi said. But b4 ammi was able to go to pay, the nice lady was promoting ammi to buy the pack with the two sticks just in case it didnt turn out right. Ammi was like "no thank u, this is fine". Who needs two sticks? membazir je, nanti nak buat ape, wat pekasam je.. Anyway, ammi then paid for the stick, shampoo & soaps. By that time ammi felt a bit dizzy & ur abang adik was buat perangai nak di dukung (all this while baba was uploading the car with all the groceries we bought earlier). so dukung la abang adik all the way to the car..then off to home sweet home. Baba asked ammi "bila nak wat test tu" ammi answered "mmg nak wiwi ni, wat terus la" -even though the directions said better use the morning urine, ammi dont care, dulu pun with ur abangs ammi wat test tu malam2.. Off to toilet la ammi, while baba & the boys angkat all the groceries into the kitchen. The direction wrote 'put the stick for 10 seconds into the urine then wait 2-5 miniutes for the result'. So ammi did what it was told, 1,2,3,......10 secs. all done. Tapi.., about 10 SECONDS later two lines appear, ammi nearly shouted yippe but she just maintained quiet.. Dengan muka selambe nye ammi keluar toilet holding the stick & the paper included in the box,& she said "ada dua line" when baba saw ammi's face, he just hugs ammi & said "ala xpe, ala cian syg..syg x sihat la kut tu, tak pe next year k" & then ammi dgn muka & suara lagi selambe said, "ada dua line ni, satu tu lighter sikit, cube tgk kertas ni", then baba baru faham rupenye dua lines means positive! after that lagi teruk la ammi got hugs & kisses from baba while he was jumping up & down happily in the middle of the kitchen. Ur abangs tetibe pun join in with the jumping up & down even though clueless of what is going on.. A while later, all 4 of us was sitting on the kitchen floor drinking juice & eating popcorn while abg yaya asked "nape kita lompat2 td?" & ur abg adik said "nak lompat2 lagi jom ramai", so we explained to ur abangs they're going to have u soon..abg yaya seem to u/stand lgpun dia dah dpt adik sorang. Ur abg adik just laugh out loud "nanti perut ammi besar, ammi tiup ek,mcm belon"-u see, b4 that baba said "nanti perut ammi akan besar.."..Hmm..adik,adik..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am i what i think i am??


For the last few days..

I have been getting these symptoms:

1. Fatigue/ tiredness (penat sangat, nak tido siang je lama pulak tu..pagi liat je nak bangun, mcm penat lari Marathon pulak...)

Possible causes: Stress, exhaustion, depression, cold/flu..

2. Nausea (rasa loya je, ee kelat kelat je mulut ni bak kata kak suzi, asyik nak isap sweets, gosok gg pun nak termuntah..air liur terkumpul dlm mulut-no actual vomit is out but ada feeling je...)

Possible causes: Food poisoning, stress, stomach disorder

3. Backaches (dekat dgn punggung tu berdenyut, x selesa, sengal2)

Possible causes: stress, physical or mental strains

4. Swollen/tender breast (tak selesa je..janganlah terkena kat situ..)

Possible causes: harmonal imbalance, impending menstruation (PMS), birth control pills

And last but not least....

5. Delay in Menstruation (aish apsal la lambat period ni...-dah 10 hari late ni...)

Possible causes: harmonal problem, tension, stress,breastfeeding..

Hmm...what is wrong with me? nak kata stress, xde la pulak, happy je seronok duk sini. Tak amik la pulak birth control..salah makan ke? hubby & the kids ok je. after all i cooked everyday, tak ada mkn luar ke ape ke..breastfeeding pun tak jugak, adik dah 3years old. Dulu stop at 2yrs 7 mth,lama dah..

Nape ek?can anyone diagnose me?


Until next time, jumpa lg...-Wasalam-


-Salam- I was tagged by Aliya Azlan. This is my 1st tag here goes. Here's what we should do. It's simple: List down 5 of the products from the list below that you are boycotting,and then list down 5 of the products that you will try your best to boycott,and finally list another 5 of the products that you find it hard to boycott,and tag 5 others.This tag is to get everyone to read the list below carefully and identify which products affects your life and the lives of the Palestinians most! You can also compare your list with your friends and see: if they can boycott one product that you haven't been boycotting, why can't you start to boycott the product too? For the whole list of products to boykott, please click here. 5 products I have already boycotted:
  1. Coca-cola & Pepsi(Anak-anak & my husband suka tp we changed to different brands lgpun mahal!)
  2. KRAFT(Yaya likes the KRAFT peanut butter & hubby likes the mayo tp ok je tukar yg lain)
  3. Colgate-Palmolive(We changed to dettol & macleans)
  4. Ambi Pur(Tukar ke harpic, this wasnt hard,lgpun guna utk yg flush toilet tu je, byk lg brand lain)
  5. Johnson & Johnson(Susah sikit ni coz J&J mmg bagus produk2 mereka, now the boys use Amcal pharmacy product-taklah sewangi J&J tp it'll do)

5 products I will start to boycott:
  1. KFC(kira hari tu yg last kat Melbourne la,nasib baik kat Adelaide tak ada..)

2. Nestle(Susah..susah)

3.McD(kat sini tak ada yg halal tp french fries & fillet o fish kami dah balun the 1st month smpi oz dulu

4. Cadbury(Try la tukar brand Coles ke, ok gak rasanye)

5.Maggie(maggie kat sini x sedap pun,lgpun these instant noodles bukanla healthy sgt kan...)

5 products that I find hard to boycott 1 to 5 -all Nestle products (yang ni susah sikit la..My boys just loves the cereals & of course Milo, dah sebati dari kecik lg, also kit kat favourite tu..Maybe it'll take time tp I'Allah we'll try) "Each riyal, dirham …etc. used to buy their goods eventually becomes bullets to be fired at the hearts of brothers and children in Palestine. For this reason, it is an obligation not to help them (the enemies of Islam) by buying their goods. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression."Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi, fatwa on boycotting Israeli and their supporters' products I tag :

1. My hubby abg alim

2. Kak Suzi

3. Mardhiyyah Mh

4. Cet

5. Zura Latif

To Ammi...

  • Dear Ammi...

  • Ammi, adik dah besar sekarang, adik dah 'tee' years old, adik suka main dengan abg yaya..adik tak suka tido la(dengan) abg yaya, adik nak tido la ammi, baba tido la abg yaya, tu sana bilik abg yaya bukan bilik adik,ni bilik adik, adik nak ammi puluk adik tido.

  • Ammi, adik dah yak dlm pepers, adik tak cakap, adik tak nak yak dlm totis (potty shape tortoise),adik tak suke.. adik nak ammi basuh yak adik, adik taknak baba basuh, baba basuh tak sedap, baba tak pandai basuh yak adik..

  • Ammi, buatkan adik teh susu cawan gerin, emm nak milo jugak cawan lion adik..nak air kosong cawan putih...adik nak sume sume, ammi bawak depan k, adik nak tgk Wiggles minum air depan.Adik tak boleh bawak sume sume..,tangan adik ponoh, adik kecik lagi..

  • Ammi, adik nak mamam mi goleng, ammi buat tau, adik tunggu depan, adik nak share share dgn abg yaya, abg yaya pun suka kan mkn mi goleng, ammi nak ke? ammi pinjam adik punya mi k..

  • Ammi, ammi tak nak bawun? ammi nantuk ek? adik pun tak nak bawun, adik nak tido puluk ammi lagi..

  • Ammi, baba mana? baba wert?(work). ammi tak wert kan, ammi duk umah la adik la abg yaya...kita sume sume duk umah ammi tenok kan.

  • Ammi, ammi watpe ammi? ammi masak?adik nak tenok k, adik tak kacau, adik tenok je..ammi masak ape? ammi masak lumbu ke daging? adik nak ayamla...adik nak nasik la ayam la kicap, ammi bukakkan ayam tau(cuit cuitkan)..adik suka ammi masak ayam goleng..

  • Ammi, kita nak pigi mana? kita nak pigi gasel ke? (garage sale), nanti kita bili buku abanana (bananas in pyjamas), buku Wiggles, mainan adik k..adik dodok belakang dgn abg yaya pakai belk (belt), tak boleh dodok depan kan, kat mesha je boleh kan ammi.........

Friday, January 16, 2009

'Ammi Centred Syndrome'

-Salam- Adik has been very ammi centred lately & it's getting on my nerves..really really getting on my nerves. The syndrome includes:

  1. Can never be far from ammi at any time & anywhere
  2. Will not go to bed if not ammi who tucks him in,cuddle him, 'kelak'kan dia (sleeps on the ketiak) until he fell asleep..& that takes quite a while..
  3. Will not accept baba to wash his 'yak', bathe him or dress him (if diteruskan, melalak yang kuat akan kedengaran)
  4. Only ammi can make his milo/teh susu -yup! teh susu...baru 3 thn & he just LOVES teh susu, & those drinks has to be in his fav cup of d day (jangan pandai2 nak masukkan dalam cawan memana)
  5. Ammi has to greet him when he wakes up or he will not get of bed & will not stop merengek untill ammi come (even though if it means leaving whatever ur cooking/frying on the stove for a while)
  6. Wants to be dukung most of the time..
  7. Rarely lets ammi sits in front of the comp, will pull ammi away to layan him watch the Wiggles, or do the puzzles, or play with his train set, or do some colouring, etc...
  8. Will go 'berserk' (as his tokma calls it) if tak dilayan seperti yang dia nak
  9. Want to help with everything..including put ammi's clothes on after ammi had a shower
  10. If ammi is out of his sight just for a while (eg going to the toilet) You'll expect him to be outside the door when ur finished..

And that is just some of the syndrome..there are many more..i wonder if others go thru the same..

Hmm..sabar jela, nak wat camne dah anak sendiri kan. Ape2 pun memang sayang giler kat diaorang ni..

k, untill next time..on the right is a picture of him with one of his cheeky pose..

Jumpa lagi -Wasalam-

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adik oh adik

-Salam- was not as hot as yesterday, today okla.. yesterday was so hot, everybody was moody, lazy, tension..all the negatives things la..adik la paling kesian, hidung dah berkerak mcm ape, dah susah bernafas tp masih lg "ammi nak aiskerrim" slang dia mmg best! mcm budak melayu speaking oz. Nak tak nak bagi la jugak..biarlah dia asal for Yaya, main PS2 dia jela..ape lagi. Sepanjang summer holidays ni it was really tyring to entertain two active boys...both are the type to wake up quite early & then no naps during d day , then sleep quite late at night..(around 14hours)..& both are the type that NEVER run out of energy. Waduuhhh!! penat banget nak melayan nye. Pikir punye pikir punye pikir ape nak beli/buat (yg simple but murah) last2 beli tali Aud2 at sunday market then jumpa plank blkg umah & voila! siapla swing yg murah but soooo much fun!hehe... Adik ni tersangat la rajin tolong ammi nye especially di dapur, tu haa gambar menunjukkan tlng ammi buat sardin puff pastry nak bawa pot luck ke usrah...Everything he wants to help..nak siapkan air teh o pun lama jadiknye..he wants to put in the teabag, sugar, water..etc..bayangkanla air dahla panas, gula comfirm terabur.. adik, adik... Last sunday Adik turned 3 years old. Moga anakku menjadi Insan Soleh yg berguna kepada Keluarga & Ummahnya.I'Allah....anyway, kami pun sepakat don't want to call him adik anymore, so we opted to call him Hamsyari. He pronounce it Amsyayi, so dah ok la ni everybody perbetulkan each other if one ter call him Adik. For a few hours it was fine until...."Sara tolong suapkan Amsyayi" & "mana Alim?" keluar dari mulut comelnye..rupenye dia assume if we start calling him by his name, he has to call us by our names too... Alahai..puas bgtau & remind him he has to call us Ammi & baba pun tak menjadi..last2 balik ke Adik...(tu la dulu terbiasa panggil adik, haa kan dah susah. Ti dpt adik nanti macam mana..) huhuhu... Jumpa lagi -wasalam-

Friday, January 9, 2009

Story book this week


I started out reading 'The Ghost' by Danielle Steel about a week ago, tp br bbrp pages then tiba-tiba ter alpa sekejap..terlupa nak continue..almaklumla kunun kununnya i mmg really like novels by Danielle Steel so ni dia sinopsis from the book. I bought the book at a car boot sale s/where in Brighton for i think was about AUD1.00, so far my collection of novels are nearly 30 books! (tu baru 2 months ++ sini) if 4 thn kat sini tak tau la....each & every1 bought at garage sales/ car boot sales or Salvos and no more than AUD3.00 each. Lebih dari tu dah kira mahal. hehe..yag baru khatam baca adala dlm 3 books je (who said a SAHM-stay at home mum for short has all the time in the world, tak jugak..)

Kalo kat M'sia tak dapat mcm ni, either i borrow from friends, from the library or from my Mak Uda at JB tp susahla sikit coz she lives far away, she usually bought hers masa ada sale, & has quiet a huge collection of novels. Dah mcm mini library dah..

'The Ghost' by Danielle Steel

With a wife he loves and an exciting London-based career, architect Charles Waterston's life seems in perfect balance. Nothing in his comfortable existence prepares him for the sudden end to his ten-year marriage—or his unwanted transfer to his firm's New York office. With nothing left to lose, Charlie takes a leave of absence from his job to drive through New England, hoping to make peace with himself.Christmas is approaching when Charlie leaves New York, heading to Vermont to ski. But a sudden, blinding snowstorm strands him in a small Massachusetts town. There, as if by chance, Charlie meets an elderly widow who offers to rent him her most precious possession: a remote, exquisite lakeside chateau.

Hidden deep in the woods, it once belonged to a woman who lived and died there two centuries before. Her name was Sarah Ferguson. And from the moment Charlie sets foot inside the chateau's graceful depths, he feels her presence, and longs to know more about the life she led.It is Christmas Eve when Charlie first glimpses her, a beautiful young woman with jet black hair. He thinks it is a neighbor playing a joke on him, until he finds her diaries hidden away in an old trunk. As he begins to turn the brittle, dusty pages, Sarah Ferguson comes alive. Intrigued and unafraid, Charlie immerses himself in the diaries, eager to learn more about the woman for whom the house was built.

Sarah's first entry is dated 1789, the year she arrived in America. Without self-pity or sentiment, she writes of her harrowing journey from her native England, having fled the brutality of her aristocratic husband. Settling in Massachusetts, Sarah finds an unfamiliar land seething with the turbulence of the Indian wars. Determined to start a new life in the vast new world, Sarah finds freedom—and danger—as she builds her home in the wilderness and meets a man who will transform her life. His name is Fran├žois de Pellerin, a French nobleman adopted by Indians and drawn into the battle for the growing nation. Their fateful union is a testament to a love so powerful it reaches across the centuries. And for Charlie Waterston, caught between Sarah's world and his own, their story is a gift—one that gives him the courage to let go of his past, and the freedom to grasp a future that is right before his eyes

Mmg mcm best..yela nama hantu tu pun Sarah, hehehe.....
Jumpa lagi-Wasalam-

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Salam permulaan..

Salam..Bismillahirahmannirrahim Alhamdulillah, i'm starting to start my own blog, i'm inspired to write for quite a while now but just dono how to start, what with the new year & all, i said to myself, this is the best time to start. Tapi pun tertangguh until today....thanx to a few tips from a few friends i'm now ready to go! Thanx to Aliya Azlan, Kak susi, Amira Azlan, Mardhiyah Mh , kak skin, my sis Aliyya Russly,my mama Fuziah Salleh & of course my beloved abangku cyg Abdul Halim Masnan.
All this persons mentioned above has given me inspirations, tips and ideas..well, i'm not a really an exciting person, not a career woman, not a student, not a leader, just an average woman & a happy stay at home mum to two cute sons (well s/times not that happy) hehe.. Anyway, ni saje2 je nak tulis permulaan. Actually, its quite late but as abg is 'layaning' the boys, i have a chance to start at my blog yg dah lama sgt teringin nak tulis. Its 11.35pm and both are not asleep yet, hmm..dono lah y they sleep so late..ok , i think i stop here, will cont 2mrow I'syaAllah...
Oh ye, hopefully its not too late to wish all of u reading this a happy new lunar year & Maal Hijrah..
Jumpa lagi-Wasalam-