Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Salam permulaan..

Salam..Bismillahirahmannirrahim Alhamdulillah, i'm starting to start my own blog, i'm inspired to write for quite a while now but just dono how to start, what with the new year & all, i said to myself, this is the best time to start. Tapi pun tertangguh until today....thanx to a few tips from a few friends i'm now ready to go! Thanx to Aliya Azlan, Kak susi, Amira Azlan, Mardhiyah Mh , kak skin, my sis Aliyya Russly,my mama Fuziah Salleh & of course my beloved abangku cyg Abdul Halim Masnan.
All this persons mentioned above has given me inspirations, tips and ideas..well, i'm not a really an exciting person, not a career woman, not a student, not a leader, just an average woman & a happy stay at home mum to two cute sons (well s/times not that happy) hehe.. Anyway, ni saje2 je nak tulis permulaan. Actually, its quite late but as abg is 'layaning' the boys, i have a chance to start at my blog yg dah lama sgt teringin nak tulis. Its 11.35pm and both are not asleep yet, hmm..dono lah y they sleep so late..ok , i think i stop here, will cont 2mrow I'syaAllah...
Oh ye, hopefully its not too late to wish all of u reading this a happy new lunar year & Maal Hijrah..
Jumpa lagi-Wasalam-


Mardhiyah MH said...

hehehe.. my namepun ade. terharu rasanya.. moga catatan kita menjadi muhassabah buat diri dan manfaat pada yang lain.. tahniah to Ammi Sara!

Sara said...

Tq Mar, actually masa 1st bc blog Mar teringin gak nak wat blog sendiri but asyik tertangguh je..take care. kiss for khaulah sofiyyah, sama mcm anak salehah ek, nurin sofiya