Friday, January 16, 2009

'Ammi Centred Syndrome'

-Salam- Adik has been very ammi centred lately & it's getting on my nerves..really really getting on my nerves. The syndrome includes:

  1. Can never be far from ammi at any time & anywhere
  2. Will not go to bed if not ammi who tucks him in,cuddle him, 'kelak'kan dia (sleeps on the ketiak) until he fell asleep..& that takes quite a while..
  3. Will not accept baba to wash his 'yak', bathe him or dress him (if diteruskan, melalak yang kuat akan kedengaran)
  4. Only ammi can make his milo/teh susu -yup! teh susu...baru 3 thn & he just LOVES teh susu, & those drinks has to be in his fav cup of d day (jangan pandai2 nak masukkan dalam cawan memana)
  5. Ammi has to greet him when he wakes up or he will not get of bed & will not stop merengek untill ammi come (even though if it means leaving whatever ur cooking/frying on the stove for a while)
  6. Wants to be dukung most of the time..
  7. Rarely lets ammi sits in front of the comp, will pull ammi away to layan him watch the Wiggles, or do the puzzles, or play with his train set, or do some colouring, etc...
  8. Will go 'berserk' (as his tokma calls it) if tak dilayan seperti yang dia nak
  9. Want to help with everything..including put ammi's clothes on after ammi had a shower
  10. If ammi is out of his sight just for a while (eg going to the toilet) You'll expect him to be outside the door when ur finished..

And that is just some of the syndrome..there are many more..i wonder if others go thru the same..

Hmm..sabar jela, nak wat camne dah anak sendiri kan. Ape2 pun memang sayang giler kat diaorang ni..

k, untill next time..on the right is a picture of him with one of his cheeky pose..

Jumpa lagi -Wasalam-


Suzi said...

salam sara...
welcome to the club hihihi...
byk syndrome adek tu mcm ismail...agak2nya anak no.2 mcm tu kot ye...
ni link utk layout cantik2 tu...

Cerita Dewasa said...

lucu juga